Massage Services

A Houston massage site that just might make your life better is the Norris of Houston day spa. Swedish massage for 30, 60 or 90 minutes can transform you into a relaxed, focused individual with a can-do attitude. Swedish massage is the most popular type of muscle “kneading” in the western hemisphere, and for good reason. It is a full-body massage accompanied by oils to make it fluid and even. Your whole body will thank you afterwards.

Deep tissue massage entails placing more intensive pressure on muscles to relieve pain, tension and scar tissue. Get a great Houston massage at Norris and feel like a new person after an hour of deep tissue massage.

Hot stone massage is warm, restful and rewarding. The masseuse places hot stones on your back and other places on your body to relax muscles and tissue. Some therapists rub the stones on your body during a massage as well. Just let the therapist know if the stones are too hot. Norris of Houston, a day spa and Houston massage haven, gives one-hour hot stone massages that will probably make your day.

This Houston massage spa also offers prenatal, one-hour massage for pregnant women who could really use some relief. Back aches, headaches and leg cramps may occur from carrying a little one and prenatal massage relieves all this and more. Swelling, or edema, from pregnancy is not unusual, and massage can help reduce it.

Prenatal massage also reduces fatigue and enables sleep, especially when you feel more relaxed and the nervous tension drains away. Massage improves blood circulation for everyone, and this is good for whole-body health but also to reduce anxiety and depression resulting from hormonal changes. You may want to get approval from your doctor before scheduling, but it is a healthy option for many.

Ask about our Reflexology Retreat; your feet, ankles, calves and upper legs will seem like new. Reflexology relieves pain from plantar fasciitis and arthritis and can decrease anxiety from stress. Get a rejuvenating Houston massage today and treat your body and your mind.

  • Swedish Massage 30 min
  • Swedish Massage 60 min
  • Swedish Massage 90 min
  • Hot Stone Massage 60 min
  • Deep Tissue Massage 60 min
  • Prenatal 1 hour Massage
  • Prenatal Body Treatment
  • Reflexology Retreat

All Prices are subject to change without notice. Some appointments require a credit card number and adhere to a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. Ask the receptionist for details.