A Luxurious Houston Day Spa

Everyone needs to take time to relax and heal their body due to everyday stresses. At our day spa in Houston Texas you can restore your body, mind and spirit with our customized spa treatments. Our Body Care Specialists provide a variety of relaxation, therapeutic and specialty massage, body and facial treatments.

Ever need to feel more relaxed?  Do you have aches and pains that seem to come from nowhere?  Maybe you need a little downtime to put things into perspective.  Perhaps a bit of pampering is exactly what you need.  Everyone can benefit from our luxurious day spa in Houston Texas.

At Norris of Houston we specialize in a variety of ways to achieve an overall sense of wellness.  Everyone knows that massages ease muscle tension.  If done with expertise, a massage will increase blood flow throughout your body.  Increased blood flow will allow your body to heal itself and purge the toxins that can build up as well as helping you relax more.  Why not ease your stresses and heal your body as well?

Keeping a healthy glow about you takes a little soothing treatment.  Since your face tells so much about you, why not present it the best way possible?  Many people have been enjoying our facial treatments for years.  Our skilled and friendly staff will treat you to renewing treatments singly or in combination, according to what will bring out the best you at our day spa in Houston Texas.

Your face, hands and feet feel great after skin treatment; extend the same feeling all over.  The body treatments we offer at Norris of Houston will further your body’s sense of well-being.  Did you know that exfoliation will not only rid you of dead skin cells, but also prevents pores from clogging, and allows new healthy skin to grow?  If you want visibly brighter, smoother and healthier looking skin let us renew you a little.

Everyone has a few things they don’t like about their body.  If you struggle with unwanted hair, allow us to accommodate.  Our experts will professionally and gently remove what you don’t want or need.  Let us get your appearance to the point of perfection at our day spa in Houston Texas.

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