Day Spa Services

Everyone needs to take time to relax and heal their body due to everyday stress. Restore your body, mind and spirit with our customized spa treatments. Our Body Care Specialists provide a variety of relaxation, therapeutic and specialty massage, body treatments and facial services.

Ever need to feel more relaxed?  Do you have aches and pains that seem to come from nowhere?  Maybe you need a little downtime to put things into perspective.  Perhaps a bit of pampering is exactly what you need.  Everyone can benefit from our luxurious day spa in the Galleria area of Houston.

At Norris of Houston we specialize in a variety of ways to achieve an overall sense of wellness.  Everyone knows that massages ease muscle tension, and will increase blood flow throughout your body.  Increased blood flow will allow your body to heal itself and purge toxins. Why not ease your stresses and heal your body as well?